At Luxorides, Your Safety is our Priority, We take utmost care for your safe ride. 

Precautions we take for your safety from


Safety Instructions

Please Read our safety instructions for much safer rides.

Luxorides safe car riding instructions

Always wear your seat belt.

A seat belt should be on before the car moves, and should stay on until the engine is turned off at your destination.


Never share a seat belt.

Two Persons should never buckle up as a pair.


Ride kids in the backseat.

Kids younger than 12 should always ride in the backseat. Passenger-side air bags, designed to protect a person with a much bigger body, can seriously injure a small child.


Stay calm.

Passengers need to understand the importance of staying calm and low-key in their seats. If they are disturbing or the kids are jumping around or yelling, it can distract the driver and put all the passengers at risk.

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